Blackhole is indeed a sucker, period.

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Sure, there were times when you thought that “tests”, “school” are real suckers. I hope you change your mind after reading this. Trust me, you will.

Black hole is a gravity pit. This further means that black hole has gravity and the gravity is super strong that even if light passed through it, (light has the maximum velocity ever known to mankind) it will not come back. According to Einstein's theory of special relativity, nothing can travel faster through space than the speed of light.

The way black hole gets its shape is by bending light around it making a circular shield similar to a ring around it (as if it is the one which needs a shield). Black holes have three layers apparently: inner even horizon, outer event horizon and the singularity.

1) Event horizon - the boundary around the mouth of blackhole past which no matter can escape, not even the light. They are classified into two: Inner event horizon, outer event horizon and the singularity. Once a particle crosses the event horizon, it cannot leave. It’s just like when you enter school, you cannot leave unless the last bell rang. The only difference between you going to school and you going into black hole is that, you will return home after the last bell, but once into the blackhole, YOU WON’T RETURN! Gravity is constant across the event horizon.

The event horizon is filled with energy packs. If any kind of quantum effect happens at the edge, it creates a stream of hot particles which try to radiate (escape) back into the universe. This radiation is called Hawking radiation.

**Given enough time, the black hole might radiate its mass completely and vanish!

2) Singularity - the point inside the black hole where its total mass can be concentrated is singularity. It’s basically like the centre of mass of the black hole.

Though Einstein predicted this like 80 years ago, and had also stated the theory of relativity, this image took in 2019 proved him right. The image maps the sudden loss of photons (particles of light).

Now let us focus on what will happen to a matter which enters blackhole:

For small black holes whose Schwarzschild radius is much closer to the singularity, the tidal forces would kill the astronaut even before he/she reaches the event horizon.

Any object smaller than its Schwarzschild** radius is known as blackhole.

**it is a characteristic radius associated with every quantity of mass. for a better understanding of the Schwarzschild radius, take a look at this example.

“What is the Earth's Schwarzschild radius?

approximately one inch

The Schwarzschild radius for the Earth is approximately one inch, meaning that you could squish the entire mass of the Earth into a sphere the size of a basketball and still not have a black hole: light emitted from that mass can still escape the intense gravitational pull.”

As the stars die or get exploded or die, they add themselves to the black hole dimension, making its size increase every time. The romantic gazing of stars at night aren’t that romantic after all.

As you must have guessed by now, laws of physics do not apply inside the black hole! Yes, people in there do not have a single idea about physics. WOW.

As you go deeper and deeper into that mysterious sucker machine, it gets narrowed down continuously in a curvy way, and at a point it looks like a tunnel. At the centre, it is infinitely curved.

Let’s say, you are jam and your friend is ketchup. Both of you are travelling through the space. (Everything which I am gonna say now is Stephen hawking’s hypothesis) Let’s assume that you are brave enough to go inside it and meanwhile, ketchup is watching you from a distance. As you start going near the event horizon, you feel a stretch in your body. You feel a force. While from the point of view of ketchup, you are starting to elongate due to tidal forces(the same force which makes the ocean bulge and water rise).

They would work to pull you into a long, thin strand; they would EFFECTIVELY turn you into a noodle.

From what ketchup is looking, it would seem like just space around it is curved. Let’s say jam, (I.e.) you, have a special spacecraft and you entered the blackhole, something real strange happens.

When you get twice as close to it as before, the size of the black hole seems to be twice as large. And when you halve the distance, it again gets larger, actually, four times larger as it was initially. This is because of its curvy nature. As you go deeper and deeper the “turning-you-into-a-noodle” force gets severe and severe. Compared to the actual size, event horizon starts to appear huge!

Once you cross the event horizon, its a goodbye forever. There is literally nothing you can do. No amount of energy would stop you from entering singularity which will crush you into electrons and protons and neutrons in seconds!

But surprisingly, that is not the end!

At this point, you haven’t yet crossed the event horizon which means that there is a tiny ray of hope for you to return to i-am-no-where-near-the-blackhole zone. This will happen if you provide enough acceleration away from the event horizon.

If you continue to fall (please don’t do this haha) towards the event horizon, you will be compressed into a dots which will change its colour from blue to red, white and then lastly again, blue. As the waves around you turn into radio waves, micro waves (which aren’t visible to the human eye), you will take a final glimpse at the universe and then boom, its all dark. No matter how you drive your special and updated spaceship, you will not escape from reaching singularity, which isn’t really visible because of the curvature. Of course yes, there is light following with you, before you or after you. But both of you have the same fate.

But in larger black holes, there is a chance that they lead somewhere else. Probably into a white hole, to another universe or to a physical dimension we aren’t aware of. So jam (i.e. you) are gonna get chopped or as said above, your fate could change. But ketchup isn’t gonna know a thing. All he is gonna have is theories.

Please think about this and I strictly recommend not to fall into the black hole because most likely, you are gonna get torn into pieces (and everyone be jealous? No). But if you did, jam, you will be the first human to do so. But seriously don’t.


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