No Code Development Platforms

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

by Shikha Bhat

“The future of technology is always more human”

-Greg Satell

Only about 0.16% of the world's population are full-time developers, and even among them, very few are able to create a working website or application. No Code Development is the path to make coding accessible to everyone.

No-code development platforms (NCDPs) allow users to create apps through graphical user interfaces instead of traditional coding. It uses pre-built modules that allow people with ideas to create something, just by the click of a few buttons. So, what used to take developers months of coding can now be done without an experienced coder in just a few hours! Now, that is exciting.

Here’s a thought experiment. Who do you think was the world’s smartest person to ever exist? Truth is - we might never know because it’s probably someone we’ve never heard of. Someone whose ideas got buried under their lack of effort, accessibility to knowledge, social and economic strains, etc. NCDPs bridge this gap between idea and execution. They are accessible, time-saving, cost-reducing, and reliable. In matters of security and stability, they score better than traditional programming. They help everyone become an active part of development, thus increasing diversity in the technological field.

The need of the hour is for people to come up with brilliant solutions to problems, and NCDPs give innovative people a chance to implement their ideas, which would provide great benefits to society.

India's unemployment rate currently stands at 23.46% (as of May 2020). The government has urged employees to work from home wherever possible. Technology is the greatest enabler we have right now to increase employment opportunities for the people of India, and NCDPs makes things much easier for them. NCDPs are a huge step forward towards the concept of ‘Digital India’, a campaign launched by Prime Minister Modi in order to transform our nation and create opportunities for all citizens by harnessing digital technologies.

An increasing number of companies are finding value in NCDPs. WEM India (developed by Tech Mahindra and i1too) and DronaHQ (a start-up) was started around 2018 in India as NCDPs, but only recently have they started gaining some attention. Although no-code development is still not very well known in India, it promises big strides in the future.

As Greg Satell rightly said, “The future of technology is always more human.


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